The Best Stardew Valley PC Mods

One of the biggest indie hits of the past few years, Stardew Valley still sports a healthy player base four years following its release. Dedicated modders haven’t overlooked the title either and we’re highlighting the best Stardew Valley PC mods in this here list.

Modders have certainly kept busy in the past four years, releasing a large variety of Stardew Valley PC mods. From simple stuff like experience bars that track progress to full-fledged fan expansions, there are plenty of options to choose from should the base game ever grow stale.

Tractor Mod

Farming using traditional tools is part of Stardew Valley’s rural charm, however, if you find yourself wishing you could be more efficient and spend more time wooing your favorite villager or delving deep into the nearby caves, the Tractor Mod is here to help. With it installed, you can purchase the tractor garage from Robin as you would any other building, after which you’ll have your very own tractor. The trick is that you can equip multiple tools on it.

Automate Mod

The Automate Mod is perfect if you’d rather do something else than interact with different machines anytime you need to craft or refine something. The mod lets you place a chest next to a machine like the furnace in order to connect them. Once connected, The machine pulls raw resources from the chest and puts back refined ones. Machines adjacent to those connected to a chest also pull from and feed into it, meaning you could create fairly sizable production chains. Alternatively, you can use objects or paths as connectors.

Lookup Anything Mod

Memorizing harvest times or the various villagers’ gift preferences is one of several small challenges you’ll encounter in Stardew Valley. The Lookup Anything Mod is meant for those players who want all the information at their fingertips. The mod gives you all the relevant details about whatever object, plant, animal or person is under your cursor at the press of a button. It’s quite a handy one if, like me, you’re rubbish at remembering the gifts loved the villager you plan on marrying.

Bathroom after 2nd House Upgrade Mod

One with a fairly self-explanatory title, the Bathroom after 2nd House Upgrade Mod adds a bathroom to your house as soon as you purchase the second upgrade for it. This allows you to bathe in your own home to refresh stamina and cease roleplaying as a stinky farmer, at least for a while.

Experience Bars Mod

Falling on the quality of life side of things, the Experience Bars Mod tracks your progress in Stardew Valley’s various disciplines in a position of your choice on the screen. Handy if you want to know how close you are to leveling up.

Stardew Valley Expanded Mod

Stardew Valley Expanded is a different beast than the mods featured above it on our list of the best Stardew Valley PC mods because it’s a free, massive fan-made expansion. The expansion adds 21 new locations to explore, 108 new character events and 7 new NPCs to meet and get to know, a new village, 750 location messages, and more, to a title in which you can already sink many, many hours. The mod’s creator aims for it to offer players a similar feeling to when they first played Stardew Valley and recommends going through the vanilla game before trying out the expansion.

NPC Map Locations Mod

Stardew Valley’s NPCs can be a tad tricky to keep track of, especially when you’re first starting out and getting to grips with what the game has to offer. Given how they each have their own schedules and activities to perform, the NPC Map Locations Mod can be a lot of help. It tracks the locations of NPCs both on your world map and a handy minimap that you can move around.

Chests Anywhere Mod

We’ve all run out of space when exploring Stardew Valley’s caves or arrived at the blacksmith’s only to realize that we left the item we wanted to upgrade in a chest back home. The Chests Anywhere Mod makes sure situations like these no longer happen, granting you access to your chests, well, everywhere. The mod turns your previously-local chests into a global inventory which can often be a godsend.

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