Neat and Ridiculous Smart Things to Use

Smarter Coffee

For as long as Google’s Assistant has existed, we have yearned for the world in which we can tell it to make me a coffee. The Smart Coffee coffee machine allows you to do just that. It’s unlikely to replace your local baristra anytime soon but you can customise it to your liking through dedicated strength, filter and grind settings.


More of a tea person? The quirkily-named AppKettle brings the same sort of voice-integration found in the above appliance to a traditional kettle form-factor. Connected to your Google Assistant via IFTTT, you can turn your kettle on remotely and even specify the temperature.


One of the more unexpected smart home products to emerge in recent years has been the rise of smart scent dispensers like Moodo. Moodo takes the coffee pod model and applies it to fragrance diffusers. Once setup and integrated with your Google Assistant, you can then activate the product remotely using your voice.

Anker Roav Bolt

Anker’s Roav Bolt lets you bring the powerful capabilities of your Google Assistant from your home into your car. Powered by your vehicle’s lighter socket, the Roav Bolt then connects to your phone via Bluetooth or Aux cable to allow for easy audio output using your car’s stereo system.

Nvidia Shield TV

If you want to control your TV or summon the latest episode of Netflix’s “Sex Education” using the power of your voice, the Android-powered Nvidia Shield TV is a great device to pick up. The beefy internal specs and support for pretty much every streaming service out there (bar Foxtel) already make it one of the best streaming boxes you can buy, the integration with Google’s smart assistant is just icing on the cake.

Petnet SmartFeeder 2.0

The promise of the smart home is fundamentally about reducing the things you need to worry about doing in your day and Petnet’s SmartFeeder 2.0 taps into that desire nicely.

Rather than have to worry about feeding your pet by hand, the SmartFeeder 2.0 lets you dispense dry food using your voice assistant of choice. It supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also find out how long it’s been since your pet was last fed, check out how much food is left in the produce, and can even take photos of your pet to confirm they’re getting their fill.

Deebot Ozmo 930

Deebot’s Ozmo 930 is a smart robot vacuum cleaner that’s not just equipped to clean up dust – it’s also able to mop floors. Better still, you can control the Ozmo 930 using your voice assistant of choice. It’s both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.

When we reviewed the previous Ozmo 900, we said that “If the goal is to pitch a more affordable cleaning robot than can slot right into homes as they embrace smart assistants like the Google Assistant, this is a pretty solid effort. And if that’s what you’re expecting, you’ll probably be pretty happy with this.”

Nuki Smart Lock

Nuki’s Smart Locks takes a different approach to delivering on the potential appeal of traditional smart locks. More than that, they takes away some of the familiar catches or caveats that make smart locks seem intimiating or impossible.

Unlike traditional smart locks, the Nuki Smart Lock can be installed over the top of your existing lock with minimal fuss. It’s just as convenient and secure as an ordinary smart lock but there are no screws or drills needed to set it up.

SimpleHuman Sensor Can

ook, this one’s not technically Google Home or Assistant integrated. However, with that caveat noted, SimpleHuman’s Sensor Can is the overtly ridiculous kind of smart home tech that’s so overengineered it becomes borderline-charming.

As you might expect, the Sensor Can can be opened by either waviong your hand over it or telling it to open up by using your voice. On top of that nifty tech, it’s also a pretty slick looking….for a trash can anyway.

Husqvarna 435X AWD

Look it ain’t cheap but it’s a hell of an upgrade on the traditional lawn mowing experience.

The Husqvarna 435X AWD is a robot lawnmower that’s able to be remotely activated using the Google Assistant. It’s fully automated and powered by a set of internal batteries. When the juice gets low, it’ll returns to the charging station before continuing the job.

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